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Things to avoid… The most common pitfalls businesses face when selecting a Factoring provider…


Bankers Can Get Out Of Non-Performing Revolvers

Bankers now have a tool they can use to exit non-performing lines of credit, or simply revolvers they cannot renew for whatever reason.

The Allegiant REPAID program is an intercreditor relationship that has shown pay down on revolvers of as much as 90% in 12 months, while still giving the client access to Working Capital.

Daily Pricing Model

Allegiant uses a unique DAILY pricing model. This is not only the fairest method of costing funds, but also the most beneficial for the client.

Allegiant Daily Rate -vs- Traditional Pricing

Factoring Increasing Rapidly in Popularity

With banks continuing to decline new commercial revolving lines of credit applications, factoring is looking like a lifesaver in a stormy sea for many B2B companies. Activity in the past 90 days has increased substantially, as companies small and large look for ways to extrapolate cash from their pending Accounts Receivable.

Factoring does not have to be painful, expensive, or abusive, IF – you choose the right company. It can be a very valuable tool to free up cash flow. Follow my Blog for the top 15 Things to Avoid when Factoring.